Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party #3: An Evening of Pampering

So Monday night started my week with my day job's Christmas party with an evening of elegance and I ended my week with an evening of pampering at my marketing job's Christmas party. 

In my marketing job I work for my sister Rachel, and when I say an evening of pampering, I mean she knows how to pamper myself and the rest of our staff. Arriving to an excellent meal of her homemade white chicken chili, cornbread and appetizers made dinner casual and relaxing sitting around the table enjoying laughter and fun filled conversation.

Now to the pampering part:
Each year Rachel treats us to thirty minute professional massage by a massage therapist that comes to her house and transforms a room into a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. If you have never had a massage...I highly recommend it. I guess in my 34 years I have now had five massages, each a gift, and each making me question why I do not spend the money on myself and treat myself to one more often. There is nothing like the complete relaxation of highly skilled and experienced hands working out painful muscle knots while simultaneously eliminating the stress and tension that we carry on a daily basis. 

Not only does the massage therapist massage, but she is also a NuSkin representative who gave me a facial too. A massage and a facial left me completely relaxed and refreshed. No, I don't look like a different person or movie star, but the treatment gave me an instantly noticeable cleaner face. 

Another great evening with great company, food, and the pampering of a massage and facial. I went home and melting into bed with my body feeling completely relaxed leading me to a great night's sleep and thankful for an evening of pampering.

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  1. Wow. This would be my favorite Christmas Party!


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