Friday, September 23, 2011

Why A Blog?

Why a blog?
I have no idea! Will anyone read it? I have no idea! Is what I have to say important? Depends upon the day, the mood and the situation. I grew up as a "journal-er", and I guess it just never grew out of me. I have all these words that I have to get out or at times I feel they will explode inside my brain. And my brain never's always life.

Why the name "A Journey Through Adolescence"?
Growing up, my words always came out in poetry. I have a stack of handwritten and typed pages, scraps of memo pads and the occassional napkin or two that I had to scribble the words out onto. If I didn't get them out of my head, they would keep me up at night or haunt me just the same. I always had this quiet dream of putting them all together in a book of some form. Thus the reason some of pages are typed....but I just never got around to really getting them all typed up in a neat clean computer file and going through the task of investigating and risking the disappointment of attempting publishing. That said, I thought I would name the book "A Journey Through Adolescence" because most of this "stack" is from my preteen through early adult years. But now at 34, I'm convinced we never get through adolescence. Our life is this journey and we are constantly growing, experiencing and learning. If you're not, than you really need to be doing something other than staring at a computer screen reading my words. Anyway, we are constantly learning and there are those times where I have mistakenly thought that "I have it," "I understand,"or "I've arrived" only to get thrown the next lesson I had not expected or even realized I needed to learn.

A friend of mine posted on facebook about not having her game-face on...I commented with "If you can't find your game face, put on a catcher's mask....that way you'll be ready for anything that gets thrown at you." I read my words back thinking, "Wow, that was pretty good, that's a good thought." The next day I was hit with a curve ball I didn't see coming. We are constantly getting hit with those "curve balls". That's life. I intend to share a little of mine with you here. Here is "A Journey Through Adolescence"...

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