Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Candy Conquest

Hope you had a Happy Halloween with plenty of new memories for the kiddos. Ours started at my sister's house where we unexpectedly met up with my other sister, my 8 year old twin nieces and teenage nephew.

Plans were quickly made to team up for our Candy Conquest of Trick-or-Treating and we embarked in a two car caravan loaded with Frankenstein, Cleopatra, an Astronaut, a She-Werewolf and a Zombie.

The four younger cousins love to divide up between cars so that no sister has to ride with her sister. It gives the girls time to catch up and for us parents there are usually quieter, argument-free rides with no sister drama.

We hit a few church Trunk-or-Treats, which the girls love, and I appreciate the blessing of being from a small area where you continually run into people you know. We then went to the chosen neighborhoods for the door-to-door trick-or-treating we as adults reminisce doing as children. It was there that for a few houses we were followed by a lurking teenage sized boy costumed in a scary mask and carrying a chain saw that he would occasionally rev the engine sending our little girls into a fearsome run. I admit it was cute at first, but if he hadn't stopped when he did, my sister and I were about to morph into mama bears that protect our young and send him in another direction. Luckily, he stopped taunting our little ones and disappeared into a nearby house before any morphing occurred. 

As the night grew later and the air colder, my sister and I departed ways and we went on to trick-or-treat our last neighborhood by heated car instead of by foot. Cleopatra and the She-Werewolf decided that they'd had enough for one Halloween, and we returned back to the starting place of my sister's house for hot dogs and 'smores over her fire pit before heading home. Cleopatra had apparently been secretly bitten by an asp, and was sound asleep when we arrived home, so we postponed our yearly tradition of sorting and inventorying our candy plunder, and instead wiped off makeup and tucked the girls into bed. Another Halloween conquered with fun, memories, and enough candy to have the girls on a sugar high for the next few weeks.

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  1. The kids looks so great!! But, oh my gosh, that teenage nephew of yours....a little scary. Charley would have NEVER been able to handle that.


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